Our expertise is mainly in packaging animal feed products. You produce your own dog food, and based on your requirements, we ensure that your dog food in is packaged perfectly.

Do you not produce animal feed yourself? Thanks to our extensive network, you can also come to us for a complete product. One of our partners supplies the animal feed, we supply the packaging and you look after the marketing. Naturally there is the option to bring products to market under your own brand.







High quality

Our quality department is occupied with guaranteeing quality on a daily basis, because this is a spearhead of our company. Our company has GMP+ and other certification, and quality is also important to us in terms of health and safety in the workplace. We feel a good work climate is important for our employees.

More than 20 years of experience.

With over 20 years of experience, we have accumulated considerable knowledge. This enables us to give you the best possible help in meeting your specific requirements in the area of animal feed products. In addition, we can rely on our loyal partners who have supported us on many fronts for several years. We are happy to work with you and our partners as necessary to find which solutions are best for your animal feed products.