Dutch Pet Products is a full-service partner in co-packaging of private label animal feed products without their own brands. Thanks to 20 years of experience in the field, we have considerable expertise in packaging of animal feed products, and are also pleased to use our extensive network in this sector.

Your wish is our command!

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Dutch Pet Products gives you options from a portfolio of packaging solutions using a vast variety of materials, shapes and dimensions. Are you looking for a simple 3 kg vacuum bag, a full-colour pouch with zip lock seal or a plain bucket container? Thanks to our modern production facility, Dutch Pet Products is the place for pretty much any type of packaging for animal feed products. You can count on high-quality products, excellent service and: a deal is a deal.

Vacuüm- en gas verpakking

Vacuum and gas packaging

Available in various materials and packaging shapes. In addition, our MAP packaging types are assembled according to your specific needs, based on gas mixtures, feed and measurements.

Stand-up pouch

Stand-up pouch

Pouch-packaging types are extremely diverse and can be filled to various weights. The options available include blank and printed foil, zip lock seals and laminated paper.

Quadro seal


This packaging is unfortunately out of the range.

Pillow bag

Pillow bag

A pillow bag is sealed on three sides. Pillow bags are ideal for packaging animal feed. The options are practically endless, and vary from small to large, printed and blank, in plastic or aluminium foil, laminated or other finishes.

Paper packaging

Paper packaging

Paper packaging is extremely popular because of its environmentally-friendly qualities. This type of packaging also offers huge variety for animal feed products, such as sewn or seal closing. Contact us for a wide range of options.

Block bottom bag

Block bottom bags

Block bottom bags are available in various formats and materials, provided with seals, and zip lock seals where required. Our advanced packaging line enables you to print declarations directly onto the packaging, in various languages, for example.

Bag in box

Bag in Box

This form of animal feed packaging is available in various forms and sizes. It can be printed in full colour for optimum product communication, so that the animal feed can be presented in your own house style. This type of packaging is ideal for premium products in the higher segments.

Buckets / containers


We can offer you a choice from an extremely wide range of buckets and containers made especially for animal feed. The buckets and containers are also supplied with a suitable cover, with a handle as(if) required. There is also the option to print all parts of the buckets and containers.


Private Label

Dutch Pet Products is a full-service partner in the area of co-packaging in the animal feed sector.


Flexibility in packaging options: through the flat organisational structure, also with regard to delivery times.


The products we package for our customers find their way to all corners of the world.

We look after you

We see it as our challenge to meet your requirements and thus invest in a full-service partnership.


No matter how large your animal feed packaging problem, question or challenge, we can work with you to find the best solution.


Naturally you can count on us for the highest standard of quality, both in terms of animal feed itself, as well as packaging materials. This is guaranteed by various certificates awarded to us.


Dutch Pet Products is a fully interdependently operating enterprise that chooses its own partners.


Our extensive machine park enables us to process an extensive range of products and packaging types.


Through our years of experience in the animal feed sector, we have built up a wide network in different disciplines.